Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Half way there, HUA

I am half way through training and our one day weekend has officially begun. The last two days we completed convoy training and combat first aid. The two days were fun and I'm glad we got through each of them unscathed. Unfortunately the worst part was watching IEDs go off in Iraq and Afghanistan. If I used foul language, which I don't, I would definitely use at there expense.

Anyway, convoy ops was enjoyable ... lots of training/techniques in the morning and then hands on after lunch. Lots of bangs, booms and smoke to distract our efforts. We successfully manuevered through the course, only a few IED attacks :), before completing the day. It was extremely valuable training, I only wish we were allowed to do more, oh well.

Combat first aid was more classroom then hands on, and quite frankly a lot of sitting around. It was extremely valuable though and I believe I learned a lot, even from the disgusting photos and videos we were priviledged to watch.

One last thing before I go, New Jersey is really hot and wet ... yuck. It's pretty muggy all day and it has rained just about everyday, you can imagine what thats like out in the elements doing Army stuff or in our case Air Force stuff on steroids. I'll check in in the next couple of days.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 2 in the books

Training day two is complete and I am now a highly trained ground pounder, or Army man for those that need translating. We studied weapons and ground tactics ... different formations, positions, etc. The best part was then we got to perform them. It really wasn't a difficult day but many people were dragging becuase of all the gear they were required to carry. We learned all morning and then the afternoon was the application portion. The instructors fired blanks, threw smoke grenades and all the fun stuff Army men do. I'm glad it's over none the less but I'm afraid tomorrow will be a bit more painful. We are going to do the combative course which is hand to hand combat ... yippee, I couldn't be more excited, not really. My guess is that it will come and go like today and really not be too bad.

Well, tomorrow is another day!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Army training sir ... kinda

I arrived at Ft. Dix on Monday at about 2000 and it was a scramble to try and get everything done. I was placed in a room with about 10 other officers, which really wasn't that bad, it sounds much worse than it really is. We unpacked our bags, set out uniforms and upacked equipment for the next day. It was a little hectic considering I didn't have all the necessary items for the next day but I made do. The lights went out at about 2300 and I got up at about 0600. I really didnt want to get up but all my meals are free so breakfast was the place to be. After breakfast ended the class formed up, all 250 of us, into flights and got down to training. Well, not really, we headed to the club and had briefings for the next several hours. After lunch we were issued weapons and gear, atleast I was because I didn't have everything, and then prepped it for tomorrow. That was really the extent of the first training day...not a whole lot of events. Hopefully the next day will come and go as quickly as this day did, and the next and next, etc. I am just ready to get it going and be done. I'm starting out short but will get better at this blogging thing I promise.